I love that dirty water...Boston you're my home

The events of this afternoon really struck a chord with Ly and Alan. Boston is where they met, fell in love, got engaged...so needless to say Boston holds a special place in this family's heart.

Just Engaged in Boston. 2006.

Ly especially has fond memories of watching the marathon with friends - soaking up the sunshine (most years, anyway), cheering the runners on, shopping, and reveling in the fact that she had a day off of school.

Marathon Runners in Copley Square 2005.

It is sickening to think of the happy cheers replaced by terrified screams of horror.  And in light of the events that happened today it is crazy to think that things like this happen almost everyday in countries around the world. Hopefully one day that will cease and there will be peace.

But even though people do unspeakable, horrific things, it is important to remember that there is still beauty and good in the world around us.

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