Looking Back at 2011

2011 was an...unexpected year for the Lee family. We certainly had some good times and some not-so-good times. Here's a quick list of the highlights of the year:

* Alan successfully finished his first year of medical school and started his second.

* Alan did a lot of research at the Craniofacial clinic

* Ly started her quilting blog (PurplePandaQuilts) and made a lot of new quilting friends

* Ly started tutoring various kids in all sorts of subjects...including math....and loves it

* Ly spent a week of the summer in Salt Lake City playing with family and friends

* Summer road trip to Acadia National Park (with stops in Boston and NY on the way)

* Spring break in the Everglades (snorkeling, camping, canoeing, bird watching)

* No Cal for Lily's college graduation (Santa Cruz boardwalk, dinner in SF, Muir Woods)

* Camping in the Great Smokey Mountains (lots and lots of rain!)

* Camping in Shenandoah National Park (fall leaves...photo workshops...animals)

* Week of no power due to Hurricane Irene

* Christmas in Idaho (new niece born!)

* Stockings for Kids drive (over 250 stockings came in from all over the world!!)

Looking back at it, we certainly did travel a lot (we went to almost 20 states!) and managed to have lots of fun despite the hardships. And all in all, 2011 was pretty great because there were no surgeries. Lets hope we can keep the streak alive in 2012.