Last Sunday, Ly packed her bags and flew out to Texas for a week.

Why was Ly going to Texas you wonder? One word: school. Being her first time in the Lone Star State, Ly was lucky enough to experience tornado warnings, dust storms, and 95 degree heat at 9 AM. Despite the fact that she stayed inside 10+ hours a day, Ly came home with a significant sun tan and lightened hair. Gotta love Texas. She also was lucky enough to deal with multiple delayed (and canceled) flights so she had lots of time to work on her homework.

While Ly's experiences in Texas were certainly an...adventure...she came to realize one thing: being a pioneer is hard. It's hard to have the courage and strength to keep persevering when everywhere you turn people seem to question what you are doing.

Luckily, Ly got to spend some time with some of her favorite people this weekend in Dallas. And the idea of getting to see them the next few times she is in Texas makes her excited and anticipate her next trips to the Lone Star State.



Since Ly aced her first semester of grad school, she spent the last week relaxing a bit before summer classes started. Of course that relaxation time included coloring, sewing, cooking, reading and hanging out with Alan as much as time allowed. 


Rain Go Away!

It's been raining all week here in Richmond. While Ly normally enjoys the rain, she is getting rather tired of stepping into a mini lake whenever she leaves the house.


Date Night: Mini Golf & Go Karts

Last Friday Alan and Ly celebrated Alan's day off from delivering babies by venturing out to a nearby fun park. It had mini golf, go-karts, an arcade, and even bumper boats. Ly desperately wanted to ride the bumper boats but it was freezing outside so she and Alan played two rounds of mini golf and rode the go-karts instead. After Ly beat Alan in a go-kart race (and at air hockey) and Alan beat her at mini golf (twice) the pair happened upon a Mexican bakery where they got a few treats. All in all it was a fun night and Ly looks forward to the summer when she can go ride the bumper boats.


Hip & Hop E. Lee

The other day Alan noticed that our dear friend Hop had decided to make the move from Rockville to Richmond. But how do we know it is Hop, you may wonder, since all geese look almost the same? Well this goose happens to have a limp, just like Hop.


I think not.

Anyway, Hop being the intelligent bird that he is, picked an excellent place to settle down. It is adjacent to the hospital (he really likes medical buildings) and has lots of fresh grass, and a huge pond.

The best part. though, is that Hop has a "lady friend" whom we call Hip and who appears to be nesting.

Obviously Ly has already been to visit Hip & Hop multiple times in the past few days, and can't wait for their eggs to hatch.