HIlton Head

This past weekend, Alan had "Spring Break" (aka a 3 day weekend) so Ly+Alan decided to get in the car and go to one of their favorite places - Hilton Head. It was, as always, a wonderful weekend full of relaxation. Ly spent a glorious amount of time sitting in the sand soaking up the sunshine. She also came home with a lovely sunburn on her face as a souvenir from the time she fell asleep and forgot to reapply sunscreen. Awesome.

The trip wasn't all sunshine and sand though -- it did rain quite a bit. Luckily, Ly+Alan stayed at an awesome resort and so they spent some time watching movies, eating snacks, and relaxing in their glorious hotel room while listening to the sound of the rain hitting the balcony. Of course they did go on some nice long walks on the beach in the rain, which was relaxing. 

There is just something about the beach that makes all your worries wash away, even when it is raining.

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