The travel bug

Living in the Mid-Atlantic region for the first time gives the Lee family a myriad of places to explore. From beaches to forests, historical sites to amusement parks, friends in the South and family in the North - Ly and Alan will certainly not be at a loss for things to do. And with Ly's love of lists you better believe one has already been made for places to explore while living in the DC area. Highlights include trips to visit friends/family in Pennsylvania and Georgia, The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the Outer Banks in North Carolina, Shenandoah, and of course the second happiest place on earth (Disney World). As always suggestions on other places to add to the list are more than welcome.

Anyway on to more exciting things. A few weekends ago Alan, in an effort to placate Ly's demanding need for Spring/Sunshine decided to get in the car to drive to track down the illusive season. After a few hours, the Lees found themselves entering Shenandoah park. Ly was beside herself with excitement - she couldn't wait to photograph flowers and see baby animals. Nature had other plans, however as evident by the following photographs:

Yup. Fog. Lots and lots of it.

Oh well, it was rather mysterious/romantic...and while there were no baby animals to be seen, Ly was fortunate enough to witness a deer who stuck his tongue out at her:

In case you were wondering, Ly promptly stuck her tongue back out at the deer.



This past weekend the Lee family jumped in the car with a few of their closest friends for a road trip to Gettysburg. A more detailed post will follow. Eventually. We promise. =)


Life After the MCAT

After months of hard studying Alan finally finished the MCAT. He's happy to report that even with a mild freak-out over the physics section he feels confident about his performance. The best thing about finishing the MCAT is that Alan once again has free time. He is rediscovering what it feels like to not study every second of every day and is loving spending more time with Lyanna. Alan's projects at work are once again recieving much needed attention and he is determined to figure out exactly what those cancer stem cells really do and where they like to hide out.