General Conference: A Weekend of Inspiration

This past weekend was inspirational in many ways. First, it was General Conference, and as always it did not disappoint. The messages were uplifting and Ly especially enjoyed the talks making the 10 commandments relevant to today and the keys to have a successful marriage.

Ly was also inspired by the fact that not one but two women prayed for the first time ever in conference which was nice to see, especially in light of the fact that an increasing number of women have spoken out against feeling unequal/inferior in the church. In fact, it seemed as if the Church really  took the time to speak out about how much women are adored and loved and viewed as equal as men. Along those lines, this video proved to be enlightening.

Also, for the first time in awhile, Ly felt inspired to start a hand sewing project which she worked on while listening to conference. It was nice to have Alan home for all 4 sessions as well, which has not happened in quite sometime due to his hospital schedule. In fact, while he was at Priesthood, Ly went with a friend to get pedicures which was fun...and perhaps the beginning of a new tradition.

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