A Lee Family Bulletin

After a lot of thought and prayer, Ly has decided to use her talents of faith, compassion, love, charity, and comfort to work as a chaplain in a hospital setting.

With that said, Ly's going to grad school!

Her classes begin in January and she is very excited to begin her journey towards becoming a chaplain as she pursues her Masters of Divinity Degree from LCU. The next few years will certainly be full of adventure as she begins to learn in more detail about the Bible, Religion, Hebrew, Greek, and of course, how to help people heal.

She's so excited and grateful for all the love & support her family and friends have given her as she embarks on this new path in life.

Congrats Ly!


Alan's Birthday in Photos: Part 1

As part of Alan's 29th birthday celebration, Ly+Alan hopped in the car and drove to one of their favorite Virginian hangouts - Shenandoah National Park. Ly was excited because it just snowed and she loves the snow. Alan was excited because he did not have to study. So really it was a win-win situation.

With Christmas music softly playing (it is November, after all), hot chocolate, and of course Ly's cross stitch, the drive up was relaxing.

Once they actually reached the park, the snow was gorgeous. There is just something peaceful about freshly fallen snow.

Happy 29th Birthday Alan! Here's to the best year yet!