Holy cow, it's almost March! Time flies when you're having fun (or even when you're not having fun as the case may be). The winter this past year has been rather snowy and a bit intense for the DC Area. The city shut down for weeks at a time - forcing Ly + Alan to spend lots of time inside (crutches and ice do not mix). They watched lots of movies, played lots of games and even watched every episode of LOST. Ly enjoyed spending the extra time with Alan, but nevertheless is going stir crazy waiting for spring and some warmer weather.


VCU Rams!

Well folks, the waiting is finally over. This evening Alan got an email announcing his acceptance into the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine's Class of 2014. School starts in the fall and Alan couldn't be more excited....he'll finally get to be a doctor, help people and do all sorts of doctor-y things. Lyanna is excited because Alan can now relax about getting into medical school and now he will be rich and famous and take her to China to see the pandas.

She is still waiting for that puppy.