Catch up.

Or otherwise entitled "recent happenings of the Lee household"

Ly's 26th Birthday. Since Alan has been rather busy these days with his new hobby called Med School he extended Ly's birthday to a birthWEEK. Each day they did a small bit of celebrating - whether it was going to lunch, shopping, trying dinner at a new place (DeLuxe where Ly had lobster mac 'n cheese), catching a movie, bowling, or even grabbing dessert. Alan bought Ly a new tripod which was exactly what she asked for, a subscription to a cooking magazine, swim lessons (which have yet to be scheduled), some new clothes and Ly got her hair done (red highlights, so fun!) Ly's family and friends called to remind her how old she was (as if she needed the reminding) and show their love. All in all, it was an awesome birthday.

Anatomy. Alan aced his first two med school classes and is now onto anatomy. He spends lots of time in the lab and has learned lots of muscles, veins, ligaments, bones and such. Ly is getting used to him being busy all the time but it'll all be worth it in the end. She is not, however, used to the human bones currently sitting in a box in her living room. Apparently Alan uses them to study.

Mentoring. As many of you know Alan is very interested in surgery...plastic surgery to be exact. This is not to be confused with cosmetic surgery (aka boob jobs) because apparently there are two types of plastics surgeons. Plastic surgeons fix people who have their skulls crushed in, their fingers grown together, holes in various parts of their bodies, etc. It's all rather disgusting. And by disgusting, of course we mean awesome. Anyway Alan has recently teamed up with a doctor who specializes in facial reconstructions and she's become his mentor. He gets to watch her operate whenever he wants and is also working on a clinical research project with her. So if you ever find yourself thinking "gee I really need to hear an operating room tale" feel free to call Alan because he loves to tell (in detail) all about his OR experiences.

Fall Getaway. A few weekends ago Ly+Alan and a few of their friends from VCU drove out to the mountains for a relaxing weekend getaway. It was perfect fall weather - they went hiking, saw some animals, played games, went apple picking, and enjoyed some home cooked meals. It was a much needed break from the hectic med school life.

Sickness. It's that time of the year again - the time when the weather gets a little colder, the days get shorter and Ly inevitably gets sick. Luckily, after lots of rest, homemade chicken noodle soup and lots of water Ly beat her sickness...and passed it onto Alan.

What have you been up to recently?


Meatless Mondays

A few weeks ago, Ly + Alan decided to try an experiment - meatless Mondays. Basically every Monday they go vegetarian. Now most anyone who knows Ly might immediately worry for her health because she hardly likes anything. Take out chicken and fish, where would the girl get her protein? Tofu? Heck no, she hates tofu. So in an effort to expand her horizons - and eat more veggies - the Lee family has adopted Meatless Mondays. The past 2 Mondays have been a success - homemade pea soup, homemade mac n' cheese, spinach pear salad...and no tofu. But there are lots of Mondays left so in all probability tofu will eventually make the menu.

If you have any excellent vegetarian recipes please share! =)