The Ice Cream Man

There is an ice cream man who drives his truck around our new neighborhood. For weeks Ly has heard the tantalizing sound of his catchy pop goes the weasel music and rushed to the door, money in hand to try and buy an ice cream only to find out the truck had already passed her house and was down some other block. In her minds eye she pictured herself running barefooted or maybe in her sandals up to the ice cream man's truck with a handful of quarters and eagerly picking out an ice cold treat, one customer among a throng of children on bicycles. Maybe the ice cream man would have 50-50 bars or big sticks.

This afternoon Ly heard the telltale song, grabbed Alan and ran outside...imagine her joy when the ice cream man was parked right outside her house. Ly eagerly looked on his menu for 50-50 bars or big sticks but they were not there. After she shelled out 5 bucks (Alan wanted an ice cream too) for an ice cream cone, Ly's fascination with the ice cream man ended. Some things are better left in your imagination.


a foggy afternoon in Shenandoah

1 week down, only 207 to go

Well after paying what seems to be millions of dollars and committing himself to years of schooling, Alan finally finished his first week of medical school on Friday. Apparently when the guy at orientation warned the class that attending medical school would be like drinking out of a fire hose, he wasn't exaggerating. Thankfully, Alan seems to have a good study schedule worked out - class 8-2:30 (sometimes only noon, but it depends on the day), study 'til 6 and then dinner, gym, and then more studying 'til 10:30 and then it's off to bed so he can get up and do it all over again the next day. Ly loves the weekends because instead of class Alan spends a few hours with her during the morning before he returns to his studying ways. Such is the life of a med student. Alan's first test is Friday in both his biochem and pop med classes...so wish him luck, not that he'll need it cuz Ly knows her husband is going to be an awesome doctor - eventually.

Alan's first day of Med School.


Baby Birds

Well, Ly+Alan have officially moved into their new place in Richmond. They are loving it - not only do they absolutely adore their cute new townhouse, but living near friends is a major bonus. People in Richmond are quite friendly and Alan seems to be loving school. But more on that later.

This post is instead about Alan's new-found friends the baby robins that live in the tree outside our house. Within the first week of living here, Alan noticed a nest in a tree, complete with a few eggs. Over the next few days, the baby birds emerged and we watched as the mother robin carefully and attentively cared for her babies. As the days turned into weeks, the baby robins began to hop around the trees and flap their wings in anticipation of flying. Finally, a few days ago the babies mastered the skill of flying and we haven't seen them since.