Ly + Alan recently decided to try the whole30 diet with a few friends. It's been great so far -- Alan admitted that sugar isn't a food group & Ly learned to eat vegetables other than carrots & asparagus. They also have been cooking a plethora of yummy food including butternut squash soup, steak, salmon, curry, watermelon & cucumber salad, roasted chicken, and spaghetti squash pesto.


Recent Happenings

Life for the Lee family has been rather hectic as of late. Both Ly + Alan have been swamped with school -- Alan finished up 3rd year and is in board taking mode while Ly is knee deep in religion books. Despite that, they have had some time for fun. Recently they went camping with some friends up in Shenandoah -- the weather was perfect (well it did rain a little but it was so hot the rain was welcome) and Ly enjoyed sleeping on her new camping mat. They also have managed to go to the beach a handful of times where they studied in the sunshine. When taking a break from studying, both Ly + Alan have discovered the joys of the drive-in movie theater as well as relaxing on the deck. Unfortunately the weather has decided to take a turn for the unbearable (yesterday it was 101 degrees but felt like 112 with humidity!) so they are now looking for some climate controlled activities...