2013 so far

At the beginning of the month Ly started her MDiv program. The first part of the classes she is lucky enough to get to take online, so Alan was a bit nervous that her old procrastination habits would resurface and he'd be in for a lot of long nights. Luckily, Ly has learned from her old ways and has thus far managed to stay on top of things...she even submitted 2 assignments a whopping 10 hours before they were due! Maybe after all of these years, some of Alan's more admirable qualities are starting to rub off on her.

Ly was a bit worried starting this program that she might "forget" how to be a student. It has been over five years since she graduated college, after all. Luckily being a student is much like riding a bike (or so she's been told) and she jumped right in. So far she has managed to study at home, at the bookstore, a coffee shop and of course the local greek restaurant where the bartenders give her free diet coke with lime. There is something nice about reading books about the Old Testament while munching on humus and fresh made pita. Anyway, so far Ly has really enjoyed her program and especially likes sharing her new found knowledge with Alan at the end of the day. Her tales of Moses and the authorship of the Old Testament are certain to provide for better dinner conversation than Alan's tale of differential diagnoses.

So if the blog is quiet for a little bit, just imagine Ly reading those books pictured above and Alan administering patient exams or studying for his boards. You will most likely be spot on.


Looking Back at 2012

Looking back, 2012 sure was a year full of hard work -- but also full of fun. It started off in Idaho, with Alan's family and ended in California with Ly's family. All the time in between was full of studying, laughs (some tears), and adventures.

Highlights include:

Ly got a new computer so she could apply to grad school for advertising. She should've taken it as a sign when her old computer died a few weeks before her portfolio was due...but she applied, then didn't get in. Turns out that was great because at the end of the year she applied to grad school (again) only this time for a MDiv and was accepted within a few weeks...and thus begins her journey towards working in Pastoral Medicine.

For spring break, Ly + Alan spent some time at their favorite beach on the East Coast - Hilton Head. They ate lots of yummy seafood and Alan studied for his boards (which he took in July and totally rocked) while Ly read lots of books and made friends with the local wildlife.

After the boards, Ly + Alan went to the beach again - only this time to Cancun for almost 2 weeks. Ly loved being back in Mexico again (although this trip was quite different than her earlier Mexico adventures) and especially enjoyed her time on the beach, (surprise surprise) reading, and of course snorkeling with the sea turtles. Alan enjoyed not having to study for boards.

After getting back from Mexico, Ly + Alan moved into a new home...complete with an office AND a sewing studio. Then Alan started rotations for med school and spending time together became a rare gift.

 With her newfound time, Ly turned her focus towards her quilt blog (www.PurplePandaQuilts.blogspot.com) and spent time learning new sewing skills -- including how to sew curves and how to make her own bag. She was especially excited to meet other modern quilters/bloggers at a conference in SLC - and even more excited to discover that they read her blog on a regular basis.

Speaking of Salt Lake, in the fall, Alan + Ly flew out to SLC for a weekend to see Alan's youngest sister get married. She was a gorgeous bride, and Ly + Alan enjoyed catching up with friends and family.

As fall hit the east coast, Ly managed to steal Alan away for an afternoon to go apple picking and to go for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Ly loves the east coast in the fall...almost as much as the beach.

Finally, to finish off the year, Ly + Alan headed out to glorious Southern California to visit Ly's family and celebrate the holidays. Obviously ample time was spent at the beach and relaxing with Ly's entire family. It was the perfect way to end 2012 and ring in the new year.