Four Years

Earlier this week Ly + Alan celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. It seems like it was only the other day when Ly said yes to marriage on the banks of Walden Pond, and just yesterday that she said yes in the Salt Lake City Temple for time and all eternity. So even though at times marriage has been a struggle (hello, have you met either Ly or Alan, aka the most stubborn people on the planet?) it has been full of laughter, love, and lots of adventures. Ly certainly wouldn't trade any of it for all the tea in china (although for a chance to actually hold pandas in china....)

So here's to a happy four years and a hundred more!

The Salt Lake City Temple where Ly+Alan were married for time and all eternity.

Back into the swing of things.

As Ly + Alan get settled into a new routine for school, their travels sadly have to come to end...for the time being. Medical school doesn't believe in giving students much time off you see. So instead of relying on us to come see you, you should come see us!


Sayanara Summer!

Ly has been lucky enough to have an excellent summer. Not only did she get to see 14 states in less than 3 weeks, but she also got to fly across the united states to see family twice...and everyone knows how much Ly loves flying. The highlight of the summer, obviously, was the insane amount of time Ly got to spend with Alan without a medical textbook in sight. It was excellent! Camping in the woods, impromptu road trips, weekend getaways, and of course quality beach time. Sadly, every summer must come to an end as Alan starts his second year of med school this week.

Here's hoping this next year in med school goes smoothly -- especially as Alan preps for the Boards.


Photo of the Day

Oconaluftee River, Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Alan + Ly spent the past week playing in the Smokies. It was beautiful, relaxing, and so very hot. It rained most of the time, which one would think would alleviate the heat but alas it only served to increase the humidity. Ick. Ly was glad to finally be in Tennessee and for the opportunity to appreciate the vastness and beauty of some of the oldest mountains in America.


Acadia Tide Pools: Up Close + Personal

Acadia National Park: Hunter Beach

One of Alan's favorite spots in Acadia was a little rock beach off the side of the Park Loop Road. It was peaceful, secluded and offered spectacular views. Alan enjoyed skipping rocks into the Atlantic while Ly loved the novelty of a beach with smooth rocks in place of sand...not exactly a place to lay out in the sunshine, but beautiful nevertheless.

A glimpse into Acadia National Park

A Trip to Maine

After their California adventures, Alan still had more time off from school and work at the hospital, so Ly+Alan decided last minute to drive up to Acadia National Park in Maine and go camping for a week with a stop in Boston. They had a great time despite some less than favorable (read: rainy) weather for a few days - which was appreciated because it decreased the number of bugs and crowds in the park. Ly learned how to BBQ and cooked dinner all by herself one night, and it was actually quite good. Alan focused on making roaring fires perfect for making s'mores and keeping warm.

They spent the days exploring Acadia - the tidal pools, the cliffs, the waterfalls, carriage roads and of course the infamous Park Loop Drive. Ly loved taking photos but was a bit sad at the lack of animal but she did see a beaver, a bald eagle, lots of seagulls, a ginormous black slug, some deer and a some nesting Peregrine Falcons.

After their Acadia adventures, Ly+Alan drove down to Boston for a few days. It was their first time back to Beantown since they got married. It was fun to see the Longfellow Chapel and their old stomping grounds as well as to explore downtown Boston. The best part, by far, was getting to catch up with some super close friends. If only Boston and Richmond were closer!