Random Musings

Ly and Alan wanted to drop you all a quick note letting you know that they are alive and well out in DC. Life has been hectic so as soon as they have a few moments they'll fill you in on all the dirty details. For now though here are a few random musings:

1. Alan finally got his BYU diploma in the mail...only it doesn't have his major on it. It says "Bachelor of Science" Poor guy. Did all that hard work in Molecular Bio for nothing. Ly could have used photoshop to create a more professional looking diploma and saved us the stress from last semester.

2. We had an unexpected visitor from Boston for an entire week which was lots of fun. It's always good to see your favorite people.

3. We found out that in a month from today some of our family is coming to visit -- so that's way exciting. We can't wait for the rest of you to come out and play in DC too!

4. We finally went to the National Archives (the place where Ly has been dying to go since we first moved here), yet for some reason it wasn't nearly as cool as Ly thought it would be - and we went home highly disappointed. Although on our way home we did stop and get an ice cream from a street vendor and Ly was seriously almost attacked by a bird carrying a piece of a pretzel. It was traumatic.

5. Palin. Seriously?? There are so many things wrong with her and her ideas that we think we shouldn't even waste our time discussing them. Although Tina Fey's SNL appearance was fantastic.