San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park

As any intelligent human being knows, a trip to San Diego is not complete without a visit to the San Diego Zoo to see the giant pandas. Since Ly has been watching the panda cam 24/7 she knows the schedule of the baby panda by heart. Thus, Ly was there when the baby panda was taking her nap and also when she was climbing the trees and playing with bamboo. In addition to seeing the pandas, Ly and her family also saw tigers, bears, birds, and all sorts of other animals.

E's Quilt

Awhile back, Ly's cousin announced she was pregnant. Excited, Ly decided to make the new baby a quilt. Fast forward to over a year later and Ly was finally able to give it to Emerson this past weekend. So here's a photo - it was fun to make and Ly especially enjoyed her experiment with stippling (all over random quilting).

Flower Fields

While in San Diego last week Ly went to see the flower fields in Carlsbad. Surprisingly, in the 20 something years that she lived in San Diego, Ly never ventured out to the flower fields. Luckily she remedied that and spent an afternoon amongst the flowers and the sunshine with some of her favorite people. She highly recommends seeing the flower fields if you're in the area.


1,000 days

As of yesterday afternoon, Ly+Alan had been married for 1,000 days! In honor of such a momentous occasion, they went on a fabulous date night. They went out to dinner, enjoyed some frozen yogurt and even went and hung out with Hop.

Last night was an excellent impromptu celebration of love. Here's to the next thousand days!


Cherry Blossoms

It is cherry blossom festival time in DC...which means 2 things.

1. There are a ton of tourists everywhere.
2. Ly + Alan can no longer breathe due to the immense levels of pollen.

Nevertheless, Ly + Alan braved the crowds early last week for the opportunity to take some photos and enjoy the festival.


Easter weekend campout

This Easter, Ly+Alan spent the weekend camping in their favorite spot - Shenandoah National Park. Despite the fact that Ly still has to wear her surgical boot, she still managed to have fun. She went "hiking" (if you consider being pushed in her wheelchair by Alan for 1.5 miles on a trail hiking), made s'mores, napped, took lots of photographs, read, and soaked up the 80 degree sunshine. It was a perfect weekend.