Date Night.

Friday Night, Ly and Alan decided to take a break from all the craziness of the week and go on a date.

It was tons of fun.

First up on the agenda was to go visit a certain family member...it was raining so Ly and Alan stood out in the rain and hung out with their favorite feathered friend 'til Ly's jeans were sopping wet. Ly loved every second of it.

After a quick stop at the house to change into dry clothes, (there is nothing worse than wet jeans) they then went out to dinner. Being adventurous spirits, they tried a new (to them) place which was decent but probably not a place they'd frequent again.

But that was okay because then they went on a late night target run. Being at Target late at night when there are perhaps only a dozen other people in the store is one of Ly's favorite things. You can sing and dance and act crazy and there are hardly any people to witness it. Also you don't have to wait in line to checkout. We suggest you try it sometime.

THEN it was on to their final destination of the evening: a late night movie. And it was excellent. Not only did they both enjoy the movie, but everything was free since last time Ly went to the movies, she unexpectedly got a ton of reward vouchers for free stuff. Needless to say Alan was excited to get to have popcorn AND candy while at the movies. And neither one needed to eat breakfast the next day because they were so full.


**Obviously the events surrounding Patriots Day hit very close to home for both Ly+Alan. But nobody was more surprised than Ly was when she saw the manhunt occur down the street from her old house. Crazy to think that she spent many mornings running around that Watertown neighborhood. Goes to show you really should get to know your neighbors! Luckily all of our friends and old roommates are fine and we all breathed a giant sigh of relief when the suspect was caught. Boston Strong.**

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