Paging Mr. Sun

Umm ya so remember how last week I was so excited about the signs of spring? Well then it went and snowed. Again. In March.

And while I am a huge fan of snow at some point it just gets old. Bring on the sunshine!!


Signs of Spring...Finally

There's just something about seeing the first flowers start to bloom after a long winter that warms my heart. The end of winter is somewhat depressing - everything seems dead and ugly. But then one day a flower (or two) pops up and you know that better weather is finally on the way. The trees will blossom, geese will start having babies (yay!) and basically everything will be better.

So Happy Spring!


Kiss me, I'm (part) Irish

This St. Patrick's Day, Ly embraced her Irish side and cooked corned beef and cabbage. Ever since she can remember, her family has always eaten this meal for dinner on St. Patrick's Day. And while it's not her favorite, a tradition is still a tradition.

Do you have any holiday traditions?


Cupcakes make everything better

Everyone has bad days. You know the day where you forgot you still had homework to turn in, your class was awful, you are sick, a patient dies, you have no food in your house, you only slept a few hours, and you got rejected from the school you desperately wanted to attend.

Basically an Alexander day - terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad.

The solution to all of this awfulness? A cupcake. Or two. Or three. Heck, eat a dozen. No judgements here.


Everyone loves a snow day

Yesterday it snowed. Yes, in March.

Lest you think we got feet of snow, only about an inch or so actually stuck to the ground. But in typical Virginia fashion everything shut down.

Ly was excited because she got to spend the entire day in cuddled up in bed reading and watching movies. It's a good thing she listened to Alan who told her to finish up her classwork at the beginning of each week, so she had no responsibilities to worry about. Well it turns out there was no food in the kitchen or laundry completed, but eh eating and wearing clothes are overrated anyway.

Alan was excited about the snow because after a few nail-biting hours in the hospital he was released early (the sun was still up!!) so he came home and promptly took the nap of the century. Apparently getting up before the sun rises every day and working 10 hour shifts 6 days a week wears a person out.

All in all, Ly + Alan enjoyed their snow day - even if all the snow had melted by the time Ly went to run errands the next afternoon.