Wintery Weather Warnings

Last night, Ly + Alan picked up Ly's dad from the airport for his three week extravaganza to visit the Lee family and help with Ly's upcoming surgery. Ly has been busily planning for his trip and created an itinerary that included items such as visiting Philly, seeing Shenandoah National Park, seeing the pandas, and lots of holiday activities. Those plans, however, might need to be changed given the fact that this evening it started to snow...and if one is to believe the weatherman then we are expecting a record breaking 24 inches of continuous snowfall by Sunday morning.

Ly's dad is unable to contain his excitement about the snow - it's the first time he's seen it since he was a kid in Pennsylvania. In fact, he is so excited that he has text messaged everyone (including Ly) photographs of the snow and mentioned the following things on more than one occasion:

1. I told you I would need some snow boots
2. Look, it's still snowing
3. When I was a kid on the farm.....

Here's hoping the weatherman is right -- Ly's dad (and Ly) would be very excited.

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