Snow Day!

Due to the blizzard of 2009 (as the news people are calling it) the schools and all federal buildings were closed yesterday...yay for snow days! Poor Alan had to go in to work for a little bit to feed his cells (apparently those little buggers don't care if it is a snow day or not) but after he got back the fun began. Ly desperately wanted to go play in the snow again but was overruled by Alan and her dad. Instead they took a much needed trip to Costco, went to the movies, and went on a search for some geese.

Apparently everyone else decided to use their snow day to visit Costco because it was a madhouse. About an hour or so later, Ly+Alan left Costco with their wallets significantly lighter and their arms full of groceries and holiday goodies.

Next stop was the movies. For weeks Ly has been talking about seeing the Princess and the Frog. So she convinced her dad if he gave up his desire to go see Avatar then he wouldn't need to give up his man card while watching the princess movie. Being the awesome dad that he is, Ly's dad agreed (the man has seen twilight after all) The Princess and the Frog was sooo good! Ly loved every second of it and would go see it again...it isn't wall-e worthy, but still one she'd like to own for her collection. Ly's dad, on the other hand, thought differently as he fell asleep during the movie. Oh well you can't win them all. After the movies Ly+Alan took Ly's dad to their favorite Mexican place for some happy hour extravaganzas. Ly's dad enjoyed his beer while Ly enjoyed her nachos.

They also found some geese and Ly was so excited because Alan had told her that the geese left because of the snow storm. They didn't have anything to eat here in the 2 feet of snow Alan reasoned and convinced her (with the help of her dad) that the geese flew to Pennsylvania. Ly proved them both wrong, however, when she sighted a huge family of geese outside the movie theater. The geese were skating on the frozen pond and enjoying some quality family time - because that's what everyone does this time of year, obviously.

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