Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

This morning Alan + Ly awoke to the sound of Alan's cell phone announcing "blizzard conditions" for the DC area. Very excited, Ly rushed to wake her dad and announced her brilliant plan of going to play in the snow at her school. Thus, Alan got their snow clothes from the garage and before you can say jingle bells Ly, Alan, and Ly's dad were decked out in snow gear (complete with snow boots) and ready for a morning of fun. There was so much snow on the ground that it went up to Ly's knees! Ly loved the opportunity to play with her dad (and Alan too) in the snow -- they made snow angels, threw snowballs (one hit her dad in the face and bounced off his head), slid down slides, buried one another, and even tunneled through the snow.

Upon returning from the escapades in the snow, everyone agreed to spend the rest of the day inside - the roads were not cleared very well and businesses had started to close by noon. Once everyone was toasty warm and wearing pjs, we made chocolate covered pretzels, watched some movies, and played lots of cards.

**Some of the pictures are taken by cell phone so please excuse the poor quality**

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