And the adventure continues

Ly, her Dad, Rory, and Alan were expecting to continue the ankle surgery adventure at home today, but since Ly's surgery experiences rarely go as planned, their adventure has kept them at the hospital for a little while longer. Here's a summary:

Monday 7:30 AM - Ly goes into surgery
Monday 9:30 AM - Surgeon informs Alan that the surgery was a success and that Ly is going to be very pleased with how her ankle heals. Ly is in recovery and should be ready to go home in a couple of hours
Monday 12:00 PM - Ly is still in recovery trying to control pain and keep her oxygen saturation (O2 Sats) at normal levels.
Monday 2:00 PM - Doctor decides to admit Ly to hospital to giver her more time to manage her pain and get her O2 Sats under control
Tuesday 3:30 PM - Doctors decide that Lyis ready to be discharged, she loads in the car and begins her trip home
Tuesday 3:45 PM (in the car, driving on I495 northbound) - Alan looks over at Ly and notices that she is turning blue; Alan and Rory try to yell and shake her awake, but nothing happens
Tuesday 3:46 PM - Alan dials 911 & states that Ly stopped breathing, gives his location and begins CPR on Ly while in the car
Tuesday 3:55 PM - After several cycles of CPR Ly, while still unconscious, begins to breathe on her own again. Emergency services arrive.
Tuesday 4:20 PM - Alan and Ly arrive at hospital ER via ambulance and are immediately admitted
Tuesday 10:00 PM - After several hours of testing the doctors conclude that Ly has pneumonia and needs to be admitted to the hospital
Tuesday 11:00 PM - Ly is finally admitted and settles in her hospital room; she begins antibiotic treatment for pneumonia
Wednesday 3:00 PM - Doctors decide that Ly stopped breathing because of a combination of pneumonia and narcotic pain medicine sensitivity. The doctors expect that she will stay in the hospital two to three more days until her pneumonia clears up

Needless to say, it's been a long couple of days. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and support.

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Cheryl and William said...

YIKES!! That is SO SCARY! We are definitely thinking about you guys!