As you are all well aware, Ly has a slight obsession with Wall-E and has been dreaming of owning a dancing wall-e toy for months. He dances. He talks. He is a source of endless laughs. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to own one? Apparently most people felt this way, because back in December Target on both coasts sold out and Ly's hopes of owning one for herself were washed down the drain. As Christmas came and went without a dancing wall-e, she felt that she might have to learn to live without one. What a sad life.

However, the universe felt otherwise.

Last night, Alan and Ly went on a late night excursion to Target and while aimlessly walking down every aisle, Ly discovered the last dancing wall-e toy for a mere 9 dollars!!! What a fantastic deal! She begged, pleaded and gave puppy dog eyes until Alan bought it for her (not really, he put it in the cart without having to be asked) and a few minutes later she was a proud owner of a dancing Wall-E.

Ly discovered this video to show you how cool Wall-E is...and also because it brings back some crazy memories - right Lil?

Someday she'll actually post pictures of her bonding with Wall-E. He has yet to leave her side since he was purchased last night, and, is, in fact sitting next to the keyboard as we speak (type?)

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Nancy said...

He dances? That's not the Wall-e I remember, but how fun!!!

We are trying to figure out a weekend we can come go to the temple again. Would the 31st work for you?