Introducing Nina

One day, about a year or so ago, Ly was sitting at the kitchen table with Alan when she informed him of her secret desire for a sewing machine. She was a bit nervous to admit her desire for such an object in fear of suddenly being seen as a "stay-at-home wife who sews and cooks and cleans"...but Alan reminded her that she doesn't actually do any of those things, so one out of four wouldn't be so bad.*

With this comforting thought in mind, Ly and Alan trekked out to the local Bernina store the next afternoon to do some research - or so Ly thought. Yet, Alan being the tricky husband that he is, had already done his research and a few hours later the Lee family came home accompanied by none other than Nina the Bernina.

As you can see, Nina is quite a lovely machine. She is small enough for Ly to carry around the house, comes with a cute red case, is very heavy duty, and has all sorts of special features and stitches. Nina even came with a 9 week sewing class. So to sum it all up, Nina is basically the best sewing machine ever.

For the next 3 months or so, on Saturday afternoons Ly would spend a couple of hours at the Bernina store learning how to use her new sewing machine. She found it slightly awkward to be the youngest person in the class by a good 2 or 3 decades and even more awkward when she didn't even know how to hem a pair of pants. While Alan is still waiting to actually see Ly hem a pair of jeans, Ly maintains that she at least now knows how. Sort of.

Anway, the purchase of Nina was kept a secret for as long as possible because Ly was working on a secret project...but that's a story for another time.

*Let the record state that Ly is actually an excellent cook, and does help clean the house except for the toilets which she thinks is "disgusting"

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Nancy said...

Oh, you got me laughing on this one! I miss your guts, you guys. Your quilt turned out great, and your skills are multiplying. Good luck with AWOL and with everything. See you this weekend?