Wall-E Movie Night

The Disney movie Wall-E came out on video yesterday...something that both Ly and Alan have been eagerly anticipating for months. When the movie first came out in theaters, we saw it multiple times. In fact for weeks after seeing, Ly was known to randomly burst out in sayings such as "wallleeee" "evvveeeeaaa" "mo." and "ta-daaaa!" Alan even joined in the fun from time to time.

And despite the fact that Ly is 24 years old, she desperately wants the dancing Wall-e toy she discovered at Target. Wall-e sings and dances to whatever song is playing in your ipod and says all sorts of quotes from the movie. Oh to be a kid again. =)

Anyway last night, the Lee family rented Wall-E from the local redbox (a rather brilliant idea where people can rent any new release for $1) and enjoyed an evening full of Disney fun. We even made a special popcorn treat, which was full of peanut butter and chocolate goodness. If you're interested in how we made it, let us know and we'll put up the instructions.

Needless to say, Wall-E is definitely one for the DVD Library.

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