Holiday 2008 Recap (a bit late!!)

Ly + Alan spent 2 glorious weeks in San Diego for the holidays. The weather was not as sunny as Ly had hoped - it rained on Christmas but let's face it, anything above freezing is a welcome change. Highlights of the trip, in no particular order, include:

Finding and decorating our 8 ft Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. Lily managed to convince Alan to help her with her yearly duty of putting on the lights:
The Bolig girls got a little sidetracked with putting on the lights and decided to put on a variety show instead:
Christmas morning started bright and early (6:30 am) and was full of tons of gifts, Christmas cookies/sticky buns, and Jesus Christ Superstar:
Opening presents for a few hours is very tiring so Lily and Ly took a nap on the couch:
Hotel Del...where there was ice skating on the beach and a huge vintage themed Christmas tree...and a yummy fudge shop:
The whole fam spent a day at the beach where Ly learned more about her awesome cannon camera and how to use all the functions and Lily educated everyone about the ocean and the animals that live there:
Alan and Ly on the beach at sunset the day after Christmas...the beach is Ly's happy place:

Some other non-photographed memories include: spending hours adding new music to Ly's ipod, playing mahjong on New Years Eve, Mother-Daughter shopping trips, Going to the movies with the family (7 Pounds, Frost/Nixon, Slumdog Millionaire) and starting a family book club.

Hope your holidays were as family filled and relaxing.

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