Christmas Tree Quest 2008

With the dawn of December, the Lee's annual Christmas Tree Quest 2008 began. At first there were a few inquiries into whether or not such a quest was plausible given the fact that in the middle of the month, Ly and Alan would leave the chilly east coast for a wonderfully delightful (and warm) Christmas on the west coast. After much thought (and with a lot of protesting from a certain Christmas-loving member of the family), Ly and Alan embarked on their journey anyway.

One blistery cold afternoon, the two bundled up and began their search. Luckily it did not take long before they settled on a lovely 7 foot tall Douglas Fir. With much excitement, they brought it home, decorated it with Christmas carols playing in the background, and the smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies filling the house. As they sat back to admire their work with the fire blazing, Alan noticed that it was snowing outside - the first snowfall of the year. What a perfect end to a perfect day.


Ashley Jackson said...

I love you Christmas tree it is so pretty! Sounds like you guys are enjoying this wonderful season. Will you be in Utah for Christmas or California? I hope you have a wonderful and save holiday!:)

Holly Janeen said...

have a merry merry Christmas!!

Danielle said...

What a cute tree... I love your little expedition story, nice job! We should get together again sometime soon, when you get back from sunny land that is... What did your family think of their surprise?

Barb said...

Thanks for entering my blog giveaway...I just dropped by and will browse your blog.

Have a great day