Magic Kingdom!

Next to Animal Kingdom, Ly and Alan spent the most time on their vacation at Magic Kingdom. Nothing beats the feeling of walking down Main Street!

The many days spent at Magic Kingdom were a blur but Ly & Alan were excited to see the new fantasyland. They ate lunch (and dinner) at the Beast's Castle, which was beautiful and delicious. The imagineers certainly outdid themselves. They also experienced the new Enchanted Tales with Belle, which was cute - especially if you have children. As always, they experienced multiple rides on all of their favorites, including Big Thunder Railroad and Space Mountain. Additionally, they tried something new and went to an exclusive dessert party where they had unlimited desserts and a prime spot for viewing fireworks. It was certainly a fun experience despite the fact that they could never eat their weight in desserts.

Ly loved the nighttime castle projection show which transformed the castle into the castles from a variety of favorite disney movies. Ly's favorite was when the castle changed into the castle from Frozen and the Fix it Felix game from Wreck it Ralph. At the end they added a holiday twist where it was changed it into a gingerbread house. In addition to the castle projection show, the fireworks were wonderful and Ly as always loved the Main Street Electrical Parade. In fact, she watched it multiple times and the music for the Main Street Electrical Parade makes her giddy.

Ly & Alan began their trip at Magic Kingdom and ended it at 3 am being one of the last to leave (reluctantly, I might add). There is nothing like being able to ride Big Thunder six times in a row without getting off and walking down a near empty main street to end a magical trip.

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