Animal Kingdom

When Ly + Alan were at Disney, Ly fell in love with Animal Kingdom. Since Alan got super sick on their first day at Animal Kingdom (read: motion sickness), Ly & Alan spent some time exploring the park and avoiding the rides. They walked on all of the trails and saw tons of animals. Ly loved the fact that she could be a wilderness explorer and collect badges throughout the entire park. Alan also enjoyed this discovery because it distracted Ly & gave her something to do other than ride Expedition Everest a million times. They also took tons of photos of the animals (no surprise given Ly's affinity for animals). Animal Kingdom is so beautiful, the imagineers really out did themselves with the theming - from the lines themselves to the park in general, the entire place is plethora of beauty.

In fact, Ly loved Animal Kingdom so much that they decided to change their plans and went to Animal Kingdom every morning to ride Expedition Everest (her favorite ride...it goes fast, backwards in the dark, and even has a big drop) as many times as possible in a row before Alan puked (the limit was 4 times without a small break) and then to say hello to some of their favorite animals before going to visit the other parks.

Alan & Ly in front of the best ride ever!! 

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