While Ly loved Animal Kingdom, Alan loved Epcot. The firework show at Epcot, illuminations, is by far one of the best shows in all of WDW. In fact, Ly & Alan went and saw it twice! The holiday message added at the end about world peace is certainly powerful and beautiful. Needless to say, Ly & Alan spent a lot of time in the evenings at Epcot - they even walked around the world showcase when there was hardly anyone left in the park. It is certainly a magical feeling to be one of a handful of people left in the park.

Some of the other highlights of Ly & Alan's Epcot adventures include: riding test track multiple times, buying a stuffed penguin in Japan, walking hand-in-hand around the world showcase, designing and riding our own roller coaster, lunch at the french bakery, and walking to the Boardwalk for an amazing dinner at the Flying Fish Cafe.

We highly recommend a trip to Epcot, especially at night.

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