The week of natural disasters

Well last week was the week of natural disasters around here. First there was an earthquake and then a few days a hurricane. Having never been in a hurricane before Ly thought that was much more exciting if you will. So exciting in fact that the power went out early Saturday and has yet to be turned back on.

Luckily (depending on your point of view) VCU didn't run out of power so not only was school and exams not cancelled, but Ly was able to go "borrow" the internet/watch movies/charge her phone and computer on campus while Alan studied.

Here are some photos of our neighborhood after the storm


L.S. said...

Stay safe!! I felt it all too. Luckily...NYC was mostly spared of damage. Just a tiny bit of flooding. And I'm 2 blocks away from the highest point in NYC so it didn't come near me.

Is your home OK? Hope your power comes back ASAP!

Scott Jones said...

Wow, that's crazy, people asked us if we were affected by the storm, although PA wasn't in there.