It's that time of year again...

Well today is Lily's 22nd birthday. Usually Ly writes a long list of the reasons why Lily is the best sister in the entire world, but she has decided to change it up with a poem from their childhood:

My name is Lily
I am silly
I am Lily not Billy!

But in all seriousness, Ly has been lucky enough to get to see Lily on two different occasions this year despite the 3,000 mile distance between them.

1. She got to see Lily when Lil flew out to Richmond for thanksgiving and they made tamales instead of turkey...a tradition in the making. Lily also successfully helped Ly parallel park her car, an event that to this day is legendary.

Proof we actually made tamales!

2. She got to see Lily when she graduated college and they introduced her dad to the wonders of veggie burgers and rode all the carnival rides they could at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk (an event 26 years in the making).

LK + LL after graduation

Twirling really really fast...so fun and worth the 27 year wait!

Unfortunately, the two sisters don't get to spend their birthdays together but hopefully Lil will celebrate enough for the both of them!

So here's to the next year of adventures both abroad and at home! =)

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