As most everyone knows, Ly is obsessed with Harry Potter. She read almost all of the books with her family out loud and enjoyed every second of it. And when the last Harry Potter book came out the day she got married, Ly convinced her sister and mom to get her a copy of the book at midnight and bring it to her reception the next day so she could read it on her honeymoon. (It did rain a few days, giving Ly plenty of time to read...and luckily Alan knew what he was getting into when he said I do.)

Anyway Ly saw the lasted Harry Potter movie (Deathly Hallows Part 2) in Chicago with Alan when their plane got canceled. She liked it but was a little let down when she realized that the Harry Potter story was over....no more books and no more movies. Sadness. Luckily JK Rowling foresaw this feeling (or perhaps her PR people/publisher did) and announced the release of Pottermore.com, an online harry potter type world that supposedly gives each user an individualized experience with the wizarding world. As one can imagine this news excited millions of people across the globe. Ly got especially excited when she found out that the site would allow a few hundred thousand people early access and immediately set her sights on becoming one of those lucky people. And, as luck/an immense knowledge of all things Harry Potter/the best sister in the entire world, Ly got an account on Pottermore!!

Have you got your Pottermore account yet? Or are you over the whole Harry Potter craze?

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Melyn said...

I'll never be over the Potter craze :)