Throwback Thursday: Daddy Daughter Bonding @ Disneyland

Time: Spring Break 2003.
Who: Ly+Dad
Where: Disneyland
Why: Bonding Trip

For her first spring break from college, Ly decided to go home to San Diego - enjoy the beach, some much needed sunshine and hang out with some friends. While she did do those things, the best part of her break was the surprise her Dad (Rory) cooked up for. He took some time off from his hectic schedule and whisked her away to her favorite place - Disneyland - for a few days. At first one might think what a drag it would be for a 19 year old girl to go to Disneyland for more than one day with just her Dad...but it turned out to be a trip full of memories and laughter.

Some highlights included:

+ Riding the Mickey Mouse roller coaster at California Adventure (the one that goes upside down) like 8 times in a row before Rory's age caught up with him and he required a break...and riding the water raft ride and getting soaked a million times.

+ Eating at the Ariel's Princess dining place in California Adventure. Dining with Ariel and her friends was delicious - yummy (albeit slightly overpriced) and quite an adventure with the Princesses stopping to say hi...and at the end they served cotton candy with the check. Even though it was Rory's idea to eat there he insists that it was only because he was starving. Although the record should state that since this trip he has insisted that family eat there whenever they are at California Adventure.

+ Taking lots of character photos and walking on to most rides.

+ Buying and wearing light up Mickey Mouse ears to wear at the parades.

+ Getting a reserved dining seat during the Main Street Electrical Parade...it was perfect - no need to stake out seats for hours in advance for the parade and yummy food too.

Despite having to deal with Rory's desire/need to eat every 5 minutes, Ly and her dad had an amazing time. A daddy-daughter trip is a must for every daughter and her dad - no matter what age.

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