2010 wrap up

2010 is finally over and done with...and while it wasn't the best year on record (surgeries, near death experiences, moves, job hunts, etc.) it ended on a high note.

Alan had a long winter break from school so Ly + Alan got in the car and drove 12 hours south to Florida. Then they spent a glorious week at the Happiest Place on Earth aka Disney WORLD! It. Was. So. Much. Fun. The crowds were low, the magic was high and it was certainly worth every penny spent. They stayed on the park grounds, got free dining (and thereby ate at some fantastic restaurants) and partied quite hard - stayed in the parks from before rope drop (7 in the morning) 'til sometimes 3 in the morning. Highlights included: Being stuck on Big Thunder at 2 am on the top during the Lunar Eclipse, Riding Big Thunder 6 times in a row, Alan surprising Ly with light up mickey mouse ears, watching awesome fireworks shows, Riding Mission: Space multiple times in a row, Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom 'til 3 am, Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot, Toy Story Mania, and of course just enjoying some much needed time together.

the castle at night, covered in ice. So beautiful!

Standing in front of Toy Story Mania...an awesome ride and the best themed part of Hollywood Studios.

Just after Alan surprised Ly with light up mickey ears.

A mickey mouse tomato from the behind the seeds tour

On the teacups...Alan spun them so fast Ly couldn't walk straight

At the entrance of Magic Kingdom!!

After returning from their magical getaway, Ly+Alan still had a week of blissful time together before Alan had to return to school. The annual Christmas Eve Tree Hunt occurred, quite successfully with an end at, of all places, Home Depot. Next a bi-coastal tree decorating party occurred via skype...which was tons of fun. This year's new addition to the tree included a Wall-E ornament and a mickey mouse head purchased at Disney World. Christmas Day included opening presents via skype, a 3 course meal, and lots of relaxation. Thanks to skype, Ly+Alan were able to enjoy their first Christmas just the two of them AND got to spend time with their extended family.

The new Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornament

Wall-E! Only the best ornament ever =)

2010 Christmas Tree

On New Years Eve Ly + Alan bid a welcome farewell to 2010 from the comfort of their own home. A movie marathon, some yummy food, and work on a few projects allowed for a relaxing transition from 2010 to 2011...a million times better than last years hospital extravaganza.


Melyn said...

Your Christmas sounds awesome! And I'm amazed you got to see the lunar eclipse while on Big Thunder. That is beyond cool.

Ashley Jackson said...

How fun that you guys went to Disney World. Isn't Disney the best at Christmas time?! We had a blast at D-Land. Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Loved all the pictures. Hope your doing great, think of you often:)