Since the last post

Since the last post...Alan started school again studying embryology, physiology, and histology and has 4 tests on Friday. Yikes. Good thing he has been studying super hard and will be well prepared for it.

Since the last post...Ly+Alan had a fondue extravaganza with some friends. Homemade bread, veggies, fruits, donuts, dipped in chocolate and cheese...yum! The chocolate fountain even made a special appearance.

Since the last post...Ly has been working on some unfinished quilting projects in an effort to cross some things off her list of projects to complete.

Since the last post...Ly+Alan have had 2 date nights, so fun! On one they checked out the local two dollar movie theater which came complete with yummy popcorn and a live organ concert. On the other they tried dinner at a local bakery where they dined on salad and sandwiches.

Since the last post...Ly has been editing photos like crazy from their Disney Holiday Trip 2010.

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Cheryl and William said...

I LOVE your blog redesign!! You might have had it for awhile but I have been following you guys using google reader :) We went to Disneyland at the beginning of December and absolutely LOVED it as well! That post is to come- as you can tell, I have a ton of catching up to do ;-) Thanks for the Mary Poppins info- I hope to see that show while I'm there :-) HUGS!!