It has finally snowed in Richmond!!

Ly is over the moon because she has been waiting for a snowstorm for almost 2 years.

But this morning it started snowing and it hasn't stopped since. By this evening there was enough snow for Ly to convince Alan to take a break from studying long enough to go play in the snow. And boy is Alan glad he did. They had a great time. Alan especially enjoyed throwing Ly into the snow while Ly enjoyed "helping" Alan build a snowman. This was only Ly's second time building a snowman (the first being with her Dad at the Jefferson Memorial in DC) and she loves the stick arms.

Here's hoping the snow continues to fall and they cancel Alan's classes tomorrow. Then he'd have an entire day at home! :)

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Ashley Jackson said...

So glad you are enjoying the snow! I've got a bunch in my backyard that you can have:) Your snowman is great and you look so cute!:)