Molly Mac

Well a few weeks ago Ly's trusty laptop, Sam, decided that he no longer enjoyed doing mundane tasks such as editing photos, designing layouts, running boring programs such as adobe creative suite, microsoft office, and of course surfing the world wide web.

Apparently Sam would rather sleep indefinitely.

And it didn't matter that Ly needed Sam badly. She had multiple design related deadlines coming up within a week or two when that happened. And poof all her programs and files were gone.

After taking Sam to the doctor, she was told that it was time to let Sam go and get a new computer. 

Meanwhile, Samantha (Ly's external hard drive) was so heartbroken about this news of Sam's demise that she went into a state of shock and refused to start functioning. 

Thus ended the lives of both Sam and Samantha. May they RIP.

Lest you think Ly is completely without a computer have no fear she has been rescued by a beautiful new MacBook Pro.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Molly Mac:

She arrived at our doorstep this past Monday morning all shiny and new in a gorgeous new box.

Her first few hours were spent loading her up with all the latest software. Molly sure does loves Adobe CS5.5 -- and especially loves the tablet Ly uses when designing and editing photos/ads. 

The past few days Ly and Molly have been practically inseperable and lets just say it was love at first sight. Perhaps Apple said it best:

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Melyn said...

She is really beautiful!!

Adaire and Will said...

Glad Molly finally made it. I know that was stressful for you to have computer probs.