Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Santa Cruz boasts one of the only remaining boardwalks on the west coast. It was built a long time ago and has all sorts of things - rides, boardwalk food, sand, surf, arcades and little shops. Ly and Lily were especially excited when everyone decided to spend an entire day at the boardwalk -- complete with an unlimited rides bracelet. It was the first time in their entire lives that they ever got to ride fair rides and boy was it an experience to remember.

Ly loved all the spinning rides and was so proud of herself for getting out of her comfort zone to ride rides that might seem scary. Alan enjoyed the old fashioned carousel that had a ring you grab and throw into a bin...he was the only one in the group that managed to get one in. Later in the afternoon, everyone played laser tag and pirates mini golf. The day topped off with some games in the arcade (Ly's dad smashed Ly at air hockey) and some yummy ice cream on the boardwalk.

All in all, Ly didn't have much time to take photos because she was too busy having a blast but it was certainly a day to remember and she recommends that everyone spend some time at the boardwalk when in Santa Cruz.

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Melyn said...

that looks SO fun!