California Highway 1

Recently Ly+Alan took a trip to Northern California to hang out with Ly's family and explore what Northern California has to offer. Of course they were not there for months at a time so they didn't have time to do everything. But one of the things they did do was drive on Highway 1 by the ocean. Alan had never driven on it before so it was a new experience for him. Ly had, of course, been up and down highway 1 multiple times and still got car sick from the curvy roads. This time Ly+Alan drove to Point Reyes National Seashore and stopped at Muir Beach for some fresh air and photo taking. The drive was beautiful -- California is such a gorgeous state that has it all - the ocean, mountains, trees, deserts...and sunshine. =)

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L.S. said...

GORGEOUS photos. That last one is a hum-dinger! I kind of want to make it my desktop background. :)