Alan's First Spring Break

This year for Spring Break, Ly+Alan loaded up the corolla and drove down to the Everglades for five days of camping fun followed by a weekend of luxury on Hilton Head Island. It was exactly what the Doctor-to-be ordered. So much fun and relaxation!

Highlights of the trip included:

- Snorkeling in Key Largo...yes, Ly managed to overcome her fear of the ocean and loved every second of her snorkeling adventure where she swam with tons of fish including a reef shark.

- An early morning ranger guided canoe trip in the Everglades...Ly only got nervous once when they were feet away from an alligator eating his breakfast. But they also saw a ton of rare birds including a bald eagle and a giant (13 ft) American crocodile.

- An afternoon canoe trip in Biscayne National Park...where Ly + Alan spent some quality time with a very inquisitive manatee who hung out so close to the canoe that Ly could touch him.

- Watching the 'gators hunt on a moonlit walk...it was a bit creepy/super cool to see their eyes reflect the light of the flashlights.

- Bird watching in the Everglades...Alan loves the Anhinga birds who dive under the water for their food and live with the alligators.

- A visit to Cape Canaveral National Seashore - one of the most gorgeous beaches ever

- Relaxing on the beach of Hilton Head and then playing in the Atlantic Ocean as the tide came back in

- Riding bikes on the beach...Ly did mange to go a whopping 30 feet in the hour without Alan holding her bike. It was a fun adventure and she vows to learn to ride a bike before their next trip to Hilton Head.

- Really yummy fresh caught seafood.

Anyway the trip was a success and easily one of the best vacations Ly+Alan have been on in a long time.

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