The Everglades: A Small Snapshot

Here are a few photographs before/while the canon broke. Most are taken in the Everglades.

Sunset at nine mile pond.

Nine mile pond canoe trip. Heading towards mangrove forests.

Nine mile pond canoe trip. Seagrass marshes.

Nine mile pond canoe trip. Red mangroves.

Nine mile pond canoe trip. American Crocodile.

Mrazek pond, Everglades. Alligator resting in the morning sun.

West Lake, Everglades.

Crocodile at the Flamingo Marina, Everglades

Manatee and baby coming up for air. Flamingo Marina, Everglades.

Campsite in Flamingo, Everglades.

Shore birds on the beach by our campsite. Flamingo, Everglades.

Flamingo, Everglades.


John Miner said...

Great shots! Looks like a nice getaway.

Nancy said...

This looks like it was a very great adventure!

Staci & David said...

So beautiful and so glad that you took pictures so that I could experience it with you without actually getting that close to the alligators/crocs. I would have been a complete MESS! One day we'll get brave and leave our kids with you and go on an adventure for ourselves!:)