This last time in the hospital, Ly got to experience working with Palliative care. For those, like her, who did not know what that means, it's basically a group of doctors who work with people who have illnesses that don't go away and often get worse with time...Alan compared it to Hospice. Anyway. The people are really nice and their method of pain control really seemed to help.

Working with them really got Ly interested in pain management and the whole notion of pain. It is difficult to treat pain when it is so subjective (honestly how effective is that 1-10 scale, really?). Luckily there are so many options and the medications the doctors were finally able to prescribe for Ly's pain have really been helping. They do have some odd side effects though. One of which is having crazy dreams.

Case in Point:

Last night Ly dreamed that she gave birth to a few babies. She didn't dream about the actual birthing process, just a bunch of newborn babies ended up in a hospital bassinet all swaddled up. Anyway more kept appearing and so Ly sat up in bed and literally screamed:

"Where are all these babies coming from!?"


"Holy cow. Now they are turning into bunnies!"

Yup, she'll be around all week for your entertainment needs.

Anyway it is now 3:25 in the morning and this talk of pain is reminding Ly that her ankle hurts. A lot. And it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. In fact, maybe it's time to take a pain pill.

*image courtesy http://farm1.static.flickr.com/68/191905347_9a88e63b02.jpg

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