In honor of mother's day

Some parenting tips via the Canadian Goose (in no particular order)

1. Great parents provide excellent nests. They always are sure to provide a place where their young can be safe - with a stream or pond, some nice grass, a few hills and lots of shade. Basically they are sure that their nest is where all the other geese want to have their friends hang out.

2. Excellent parents educate their children about dangers of the world (cars, foxes, etc) - and try to protect them, yet are there to help them out when they get hurt.

3. Awesome parents give helpful dating tips - what places to avoid and where the ladies like to be shown a night on the town.

4. Good parents teach the importance of staying physically fit - just to keep swimming and that they will always be a hop, skip, or a jump away.

5. Day care is a plus. Even a goose understands that sometimes a parent just needs a break.

*It should be noted that this blog hasn't turned into a goose blog. Also should also be noted that the author of this blog doesn't actually have any offspring.

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