A Trip to the Zoo

Last weekend Ly wanted to go to the zoo to see the pandas. Alan agreed - and even said he had no problem pushing her around in the wheelchair, as long as she agreed to see the other animals too. Ly laughed and brushed it off, thinking that there really wasn't much else to see besides pandas. 5 hours and 3 stops off at the pandas later, Ly realized she was wrong. She saw elephants fight over hay, a tiger fall into some water, and birds strutting their stuff for the ladies.

Needless to say, both Ly and Alan enjoyed their little outing - Ly got to see the pandas do what pandas do - play, eat, sleep, take a bath, eat some more, and play in the dirt less than 1 foot away from where she was sitting. Alan, on the other hand, got to actually enjoy the other animals the zoo has to offer - without his wife sprinting from the car to the pandas and back to the car again.

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Nancy said...

Nice pictures!