Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Today Ly+Alan took Ly's dad to go visit Pennsylvania. Our first stop was Hershey where Rory was enamoured with the Hershey kiss lights and the chocolate factory tour. Everyone enjoyed the tour - especially Alan who ended up with nine pieces of candy at the conclusion of the tour. After the stop in Hershey, Alan drove everyone up to Lancaster County for what had to be the highlight of the day. Ly's dad grew up in Northern PA and since he arrived in DC would not stop talking about the following things he wanted to experience while on the east coast: Snow storms, scrapple, goods potato chips, and shoofly pie. While we had the snow thing covered, we were a bit lacking on the food parts - hence the trip to Lancaster County. While there Ly + Alan watched in amazement while Ly's dad discovered all his favorite childhood treats in an Amish market. After Ly's dad mini feast in the market, we drove back to Hershey for dinner at a yummy restaurant and then back home for an evening of games.

Somehow Ly's dad managed to convince a nice Amish lady to give him a "sample" (aka piece) of shoofly pie for free which he promptly ate while roaming the marketplace.
Ly's dad with his scrapple, which he bought and stored in a cooler and then cooked at home. He even made Ly try a bite of it. Which she did because she is an excellent daughter (she hated it)

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