Two Years Ago...

A little over 2 years ago, Ly and Alan gathered with all their family and friends on the hottest day of the year and tied the knot. In commemoration of the best day ever, here are some of our favorite photos and a list of things Ly + Alan have learned since being married:

1. Sharing a bed is a loose term. It really means one person gets 90% of the bed and the other may or may not end up shoved onto the floor. Keep pillows and/or a blanket nearby for such events.

2. Always keep your promises. No matter what. Enough said on that one.

3. Flowers for no reason = an extra 5% of the bed at night.

4. Never suggest storing boxes of books/pandas/crayons outside in the storage shed. Even if your wife never uses them.

5. When planning a long road trip just assume you will do all of the driving. Even if your partner says they will help drive. By helping they really mean telling you to slow down or you missed a turn.

*photography courtesy of Sweet Memory Gardens. If you live in Utah and need some photographs check them out because they are awesome!


Scott Jones said...

bravo! I loved the post. I think it's really true about the 90% bed rule! Life is great out here, I hope your new place is good to. We want to plan to come down and see how you are doing. We miss you guys.

Nancy said...

What? Scott thinks he only gets 10% of the bed? News to me!

I love you guys! We would love to see you next weekend, and then we want to come out and see you in October!