20 reasons for a 20th birthday

Top 20 Reasons why Lily is the Best Sister Ever:

Lily supports me 125% and encourages me to follow my dreams.

19. Lily still takes naps with me when I am tired.
18. Lily is a good friend to the people around her.
17. Lily is a good secret keeper. She once kept it a secret that I was making my parents a quilt for an entire year.

16. Lily is always willing to try new things
15. Lily is the best person to take to Disneyland because we always have a blast.
14. Lily loves Alan like he's her brother.
13. Lily is an awesome cook
12. Lily knows I love pandas and always tells me important panda information...and when I go to San Diego she humors me by going to the zoo just to see them
11. Lily loves books. When she was little she used to sleep with them under her pillow.
10. She is silly and makes me laugh

9. She is an awesome dancer.
8. She very very beautiful.
7. She is very very smart
6. She loves the ocean and knows lots about dolphins, waves, beaches and anything else that has to do with the ocean.
5. She knows lots and lots about music. I wish I knew like .01% of the stuff about music that she does.
4. She was my maid of honor at my wedding and wore a pink dress even though she hates pink.
3. She is always a shoulder to lean on and will help you out no matter what.
2. Lily makes sure you know she loves you
1. She is my best friend

Happy 20th birthday Lilster! You are the best sister in the whole wide world. And not just because you're the only one I have. =)

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