Hop E. Lee

Recently Ly has become rather obsessed with Canadian Geese. Alan thinks it is because they live close. About a week or so ago while Ly was driving to work she stumbled upon a nesting area of the Canadian geese. Ly was excited because there were a bunch of baby geese walking around. There were 2 families. One with little geese and one with slightly larger geese. Ly and Alan spent awhile watching the geese and then Ly discovered Hop.

It was love at first sight. Hop is a baby goose who has a messed up leg. It seems as if it is a birth defect and he always hangs back from his family and then hops to catch up to them. Luckily he is a good eater and isn't the smallest of the bunch. Ly consulted with her resident animal guru and he told her that Hop should be okay and be able to fly one day.

Ly desperately wants to keep Hop, but she doesn't want to deprive him of being with his family and she really does not have a place for him to live. So Ly has settled with visiting Hop once a day to check up on him...and so far he's doing splendidly. =)

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