"Camping" on the Outer Banks

This past weekend the Lee family journeyed to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Ly was excited for the following reasons:

1. She had never been to North Carolina and would finally get to check it off her list.
2. She discovered an Alligator Refuge which promised visitors alligators, bears, deer and other wild animals.
3. The Outer Banks = a beach. Ly loves the beach.

Alan was excited for the following reason:

1. He convinced Ly to camp (yes, in a tent) on the beach for the weekend.

This was by far the worst/most adventurous camping trip ever.

Exhibit 1: Weather. It was very warm and sunny most of the time. There were the occasional torrential rain storms and 30 mph winds. These lovely winds were so strong they tore our lovely tent limb from limb - and ripped open the zipper beyond repair (and believe you me - the Lees spent quite a long time trying to repair that dang zipper)

Exhibit 2: Due to subsequent lack of a tent the Lees were forced to "camp" in Ly's car. Good thing Panda came through. And now the Lees need to go buy a new tent.

Exhibit 3: Alligator Refuge. Let's just say that there were zero alligators, bears or any other four legged creature. There were, however, tons of bugs and the Lees have the bites to prove it.

Exhibit 4: The Outer Banks beach is nothing like a sunny California beach. The sand isn't soft - rather when the wind blew the sand felt like a sandblaster against the skin - and there weren't really any places to hang out to enjoy the waves.

Despite the negative aspects of the trip the Lees discovered beautiful Kayaking paths, a few lighthouses, ate an awesome pancake breakfast, and drove along part of the infamous highway 12.

At least now Ly has been to North Carolina.


Cheryl and William said...

That's more than I can say- I've never been to NC either. And I am impressed that you even tried to camp- I would have just gone a hotel route from the beginning :-)

N. Sheffield said...

Hey Alan,

Just got the BYU life sciences magazine and was interested to read the little highlight about you. It reminded me of the good old days of Micro 230 freshman year. Congrats on the NIH thing! It was good to find out where you ended up. I remember talking to you at the meeting where they came to present the program...at least I think that's what it was. Anyway...

So, I happened upon your blog entry about camping at the Outer Banks and thought that was cool--I am at Duke now, so my wife and I are living in North Carolina. I've been to the outer banks a couple of times and really enjoyed it.

So, glad to hear that things are going well. Drop me a line some time.