November 4, 2008

So this is a bit late but on the 4th was Alan's 25th birthday. The Lee family celebrated by voting (obviously) and then allowing Alan to indulge in all sorts of sweets. The first stop was at the local Starbucks where Ly convinced the clerk to give them free tea instead of the free coffee everyone got for voting. Second stop was Krispy Kreme for Alan's free star shaped sugar and paste filled treat. After Alan managed to collect his share of freebies for voting, the Lees met up with Justin and Kristy for some Chinese food. It was then off to the Lees for an evening of watching the polls come in and enjoying some birthday cheesecake.

When the results became apparent and Obama was named President-elect, Ly and Alan were very excited to say the least. No matter how you voted, you must admit that Nov 4, 2008 was a very historic night in our nation's history...and an evening to not be forgotten for quite a long time.

Here's hoping Obama lives up to all the potential and promises!

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